Indian rationalist muslim community IRMC

As a by birth Muslim I always very closed to the core Islamic teaching and belief. I always used to listen and read several Islamic scholars like zakir naik Molana modudi Dr Israr Ahmed etc

But as a student  of science and history I reached toward the conclusion that the source of Islamic religion contains so much unscientific and irrational issues. Arabs used this religious ideology to became dominant in this world.

Regarding the teaching of religious fundamentalism like 
by birth labeling of Islamic faith and punishment for
give up the faith (apostasy) 
Leads me to understand the reality.

All famous Islamic scholars are very much biased towards this issue. 
So as an Indian and  by birth Muslim 
I have an idea to establish a legal 
Platform for Indian rationalist Muslims which help them to  live in a way they feel comfortable and which becomes a rationalist movement amongst the rest of Muslim society.

So please read this program and help us to establish this plateform....

 Indian rationalist Muslim community


1) A rationalist Muslim is an individual who was  born in a  Muslim community And believes  
In a rational way to understand all Islamic concepts.

2) A rationalist Muslim never accepts any ritual principle or command Of any religious 
source if it is found illogical unscientific or irrational.

3) A rationalist Muslim is free to practice those Islamic rituals and principles which 
he/she finds logical and scientific.

4) A rationalist Muslim must be encouraged to give their off springs an Indian Name 
I.e. vivek Siddharth etc, but name should belong to a good Meanings. 
It’s a duty of an individual rational person to make his/her identity familiar 
To the other Indian religious communities.

5) All rationalist Muslims encourage to celebrate all the geographical and national festivals Of our 
( it becomes optional if any individual finds any cultural festival based on a 
Superstition(We should respect his personal opinion)

6) All rationalist Muslims are free to have a marital relationship with any community Member 
other than Muslim community but can never force him/her to change his/her faith or religion.

7) All rationalist Muslims must prepare their own selves and their family members 
To be Well verse and familiar with the language and culture of their Indian origin. 
I.e. if somebody is a Maharashtrian then he/she must be able to speak Marathi, adopt respect, understand all cultural dimensions of Maharashtra

8) All rationalist muslims strictly reject the religious idea that one must belong to the 
Muslim community to get salvation. 
It means the parameters for righteousness for IRMC is a deeds of an individual 
Irrespective of which faith does he/she belongs.

9) All rationalist Muslims are completely free to study and practice other religious 
Scriptures whatever they've found good in them.

10) And finally and very important, all rationalist Muslims must accept all logical scientific And 
healthy criticisms done by the intellectuals world wide on Islam.

Thanking you

Waiting for your suggestions and feedbacks 

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